After a long development and testing period, we recently introduced the new series of SprayCannons mounted on[..]


After a long development and testing period, we recently introduced the new series of SprayCannons mounted on[..]

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MB Dustcontrol SprayCannon

We beat the dust

MB Dustcontrol BV has been developing and manufacturing the “SPRAYCANNON” mist cannons for 15 years. These mist cannons have been developed to keep (fine) dust emissions and odor nuisance to a minimum.

What started as a dust control solution during demolition work has now grown into a product that can be used in many ways and in a large number of industries:

  • Dust control:              Demolition and Recycling, Bulk Material handling, Quarrying, Waste processing, (Soil/Asbestos) Remediation, Wood processing etc.
  • Odor control:              Composting, Waste Management, Agriculture
  • Product cooling:        Steel processing industry
  • Cooling people:          Events (Dance/Sports)
  • Turf Conditioning:     Stadiums, Golf Courses (Maintenance)
  • Firefighting:               Fireboxes (flaming)

Because we believe that every dust/odor or cooling problem requires its own approach and have adapted our SprayCannon series as much as possible, we can proudly say that we now produce the widest series of fog cannons in the world. Our SprayCannon series spray from 5 meters up to 150 meters! So from small to large, for indoor and outdoor applications, as a separate mobile installation or as a completely self-sufficient / Self Supporting SprayCannon installation where the SprayCannon is accompanied by a water tank/bowser and generator.

Of course we work closely with our distributors & customers to find the right solution because we believe that every dust problem is unique. So if necessary we can provide a tailer made or custom built solution as well.

The starting point in the development and production of our SprayCannon Series is always to provide the largest possible surface with mist with the lowest possible water ánd energy consumption. In addition, we always take into account a maximum safety in the working environment and high ease of use as well as low service and maintenance requirements. The SprayCannon series is of course made from high-quality components and meets the highest European quality standards.

The principle consists of binding/agglomerating the very fine mist (water droplets) thrown up by the SprayCannon with the emitted (fine) dust particles in the air. The finer the water droplet, the better it “attaches” to the particulate matter particles (dust) present in the air. This agglomeration weighs down the dust particles in such a way that gravity ensures that the dust particles fall to the ground more quickly and thus combats/limits and makes the emission of (fine) dust controllable.

Naturally, we realize that in some cases no permanent odor or dust control or cooling solution is required, then renting is a good alternative, which is why we also have an extensive rental fleet available.

In addition to the SprayCannon Mist Cannons, we also produce other dust and odor control solutions, such as the “Turnkey” or “Plug-and-Play” delivered “Area Dust Suppression” Systems. This system consists of stainless steel fixed piping with specialized flowdrilled  nozzles which can be mounted on wall/ceiling or directly onto your machine, in combination with a Control Box (placed in the technical Area or in our Technical Container this will be a very good solution and alternative to a Spraycannon whenever wind is not a factor. The system will increase the humidity and suppress the dust and odour in both indoor as outdoor areas, such as recycling halls/plants etc. Of course it is always possible to mount our fan driven SprayCannons on a wall or ceiling as well.

Then Dust control on boom, machine or attachment is of course also a solution that we can provide you with.

Finally, we also produce our SprayWall NM20 Mist Wall Hoses. These 20 meter long 3" fire hoses with 20 nozzles offer you the very simple option of creating a wall or ceiling of mist with which a fire source or dust emission can be contained/contaminated as desired.

The SprayCannon Dust Supression Cannon is an environmentally friendly and efficient way to suppresses dust at crushing sites, recycling sites, demolition sites, mining, quarrying or when handling raw materials and cross-docking or other material handling of bulk goods, such as coal and ore.  But our SprayCannon Dust Suppression Cannons are also suitable in a variety of other applications, such as Odour Suppression, Cooling down people at (sporting/dance) Events, Cooling of machines, crops and turf or even as a fire extinguisher.

You no longer need an employee to hold a hose, saving you money and man hours!

Our SprayCannons often are otherwise named as MistCannon, Dustcannon, Fogcannon or mistblower.

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