More and more we also specialize in providing Turnkey Fixed Indoor and Outdoor Dust Suppression Solutions. 

This project was a Putman Recycling Group BV in the Netherlands, where we installed 1x SC40W (Outside), 4x SC25W and 1 x SC15W (Indoor). Fully remote controlled by excavator and wheelloader drivers.

Putman states: "Putman invests in a clean recycling environment. Dust prevention is an important point of attention. To prevent dust emissions, six new SprayCannon systems from MB DustControl have been put into use. These were deployed at the wood breaking location and at the sorting line of construction and demolition materials in Westervoort. The new system is designed for a growing volume of reusable materials on the way to a circular economy.

At the same time, the purchase of a new water installation that supplies the dust prevention systems with water results in significant savings on water consumption".

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