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Compressed Air Humidification

This system mixes water with compressed air and blows a nice and fine mist into the room that can evaporate very quickly and without drops.

With the power of the compressed air and the correct dosage of the water, an extremely fine water mist is created by the atomizers. By creating a very fine water mist which is blown into the dust source by the force of the compressed air, an efficient dust control system is created. The aim is to weigh down the dust particles through the water mist, so that they disappear along with the product flow without causing any nuisance.

The reliable MB Dustcontrol compressed air humidifiers distinguish themselves on the following points:

  • Most energy-efficient atomizer in its class
  • Extremely maintenance-friendly
  • No constipation
  • Easy to install
  • Great for belt transitions and other dust sources in limited space
  • Can function in a highly polluting environment

Why atomize

A significant dust reduction can be achieved by means of effective atomization. The mist produced by our atomizers has an extremely fine droplet size, creating a kind of mist that doesn't settle, so it's not that everything will get soaking wet. As soon as the mist/mist comes into contact with free-floating dust particles, they will bind together. Collectively, the mass increases, making the dust particles heavier so that they will fall back on the production process much faster. The mist that does not come into contact with the dust particles will evaporate quickly. Due to this evaporation process, the temperature can drop by several degrees and the relative humidity will rise. The rising humidity level in particular has a positive effect. This reduces the risk of static electricity and initially less dust is released during the processing process.

In this way, the misting system works as a kind of enormous energy-efficient air scrubber.

Compressed Air Humidification

Application Areas

demolition - recycling - storage/transshipment of bulk goods - factory halls

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